Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), utilizes your own bodies healing ability to stimulate skin recovery and smoothing. Available as both an injectable and topical, PRP is on the cutting edge of regenerative therapies.

PRP is blood plasma with concentrated platelets and other growth factors that are gathered from your own blood sample. The internal essence of your blood contains life-giving fundamental proteins and growth factors that are designed to restore and strengthen your body. The use of PRP has long been used in a variety of aesthetic, surgical and wound care fields of medicine around the world. This revolutionary natural procedure offers incredible skin rejuvenation by stimulating and rebuilding the underlying structural integrity of your skin with your own nutrient-rich cells. When introduced into deeper layers of the skin, PRP signals the cellular process for new tissue and collagen growth resulting in smoother and more youthful appearance.


Selphyl® Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix is an advanced procedure that utilizes a small sample of your blood to isolate red blood cells into platelet rich plasma along with the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin. This fibrin matrix serves as a framework to maintain the platelets at the target sites. This scaffolding effect also protects the platelets so their release of growth factors is sustained over a longer period of time.

Since the platelet-rich-plasma is processed from the patient’s own blood, there is low risk of allergic reaction. The Selphyl® PRFM system contains no animal or synthetic products.

The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes. The number of treatments needed depends on your desired aesthetic enhancement.


The Selphyl® System is a completely closed system and can convert PRP to PRFM with the addition of a precise amount of calcium chloride, which initiates the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin, as part of the clotting cascade. The fibrin matrix serves as a three dimensional scaffold to maintain the platelets at the site of injection. The scaffold also serves to protect the platelets so their release of growth factors can be sustained over a longer period of time.

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Who can benefit from Selphyl® PRFM

Selphyl is an excellent treatment for:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Uneven skin tones (blotches) and improvements in skin tone and textures
  • Anti-aging full face rejuvenation
  • Back of hands (age spots)
  • Décolletage (neckline)
  • Hair Loss

How long does the procedure take?

The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes to perform in your doctor’s office.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments needed depends on each individual patient, the desired outcome, and your doctor’s treatment plan.

Is the treatment painful?

Unlike other products that are acidic (low pH), Selphyl® PRFM has close to physiologic pH. There may be some temporary discomfort during the injections. Like all injection procedures, one can experience occasional redness and bruising immediately following the treatment that resolves quickly.

Are there any side effects?

There have been no known side effects associated with Selphyl® reported to date. As with any injectable procedure, some patients may experience some mild and temporary irritation, swelling, bruising, itching, discoloration or tenderness at the injection site.