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    Give Your Feminine Life a Lift

    What is Femilift?

    Femilift is a minimally invasive, painless procedure that utilizes CO2 fractionated laser technology to address common feminine health concerns associated with aging, childbirth, and hormonal fluctuations. Life cycle processes such as these can cause multiple unwanted anatomical changes in vaginal tissue leading to:

    • Vaginal laxity caused by diminished collagen levels in vaginal tissue that creates a feeling of looseness
    • Vaginal atrophy, or the inflammation of the vagina, that results in thinning and shrinking of tissues causing painful intercourse, uncomfortable vaginal dryness, and distressing genitourinary symptoms
    • Urinary Incontinence caused by the thinning of vaginal tissue and vaginal atrophy that reduces pressure on the urethra and adjacent structures leading to stress urinary incontinence

    This in-office, 15 -30 minute procedure uses powerful laser technology to jump start collagen and elastin production to help restore overall vaginal health.


    Treatment Candidates

    Treatment candidates include women experiencing vaginal dryness, mild incontinence, reduced vaginal sensitivity, and painful intercourse.  Some women may not be good candidates due to severity of condition. Our office screens potential patients to determine eligibility prior to treatment.


    How Does it work

    Utilizing the same laser technology used in dermatology and aesthetics for many years, Femilift uses a vaginal probe to deliver laser energy pulses directly into vaginal tissue at 1 cm. intervals along the circumference of the vaginal walls leading to overall tightening, tissue remodeling, renewed collagen and elastin production, and strengthening of ligaments surrounding the urethra and bladder.

    The procedure consists of 3-4 treatments over 12-16 weeks, with a recommended “touchup” in one year.



    Patients appreciate that Femilift gets results without down time.  After completing the recommended sequence of treatments, patients report:

    • Increased tightness, strength, and elasticity
    • Improved lubrication
    • Reduced stress urinary incontinence
    • Enhanced sensation during sexual intimacy



    • Simple, non-surgical treatment requiring no anesthesia or down-time
    • Strong track record of high patient satisfaction
    • Safe, FDA approved, proven technology
    • Results that last 2-3 years or more




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